Does Thai Son S.P cutting fabrics for sewing by ourselves? Yes, we cut fabric by hand as opposed to automatic cutting machines. Once the fabric is knitted and died and delivered to our factory we have to relax it and lay it out on the tables for cutting. We layer the fabric 40 to 100 layers high so that when we cut one time we’re cutting 40 pieces. After the fabric is cut, it is bundled into groups. Then those bundles have to be closely monitored and kept together so we do not mix dye batches and get differences in color shading. This is what makes us a reliable pique fabric source in Vietnam.
In this video we show examples: you see a shoulder panel and a front chest panel. They are all kept together so there is no mixing of dye batches.

We make polo shirts and casual dresses using many types of circular knitted fabrics. Our most popular is pique fabric. We are an experienced pique fabric source in Vietnam.

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Properly prepping and cutting your fabric is the first step for sewing garments that wear well. Cutting your pattern out accurately, and on the straight of grain, is essential for seams that go together with ease, and continue to hang well with wear.

Have you ever worn a garment with one side seam that kept twisting toward the front? That’s a typical consequence of fabric that hasn’t been cut on the grain. Have you ever sewn a garment and ended up with different lengths when trying to match up a seam? That can often happen when your cutting isn’t as accurate as it could be.
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