We are a sewing factory based in Vietnam. We produce fabric in Vietnam with partner knitters and dyers; then we check it in our factory. We produce circular knitted fabrics like jersey fabric. Checking fabric is very important. This is why we are showing you our fabric checking stations in our factory. We follow a fabric checking four points system.

When you come to our warehouse, you will see that we check 10 percent to start with. If that 10 percent passes our fabric checking four points system, then we will relax the fabric for 24 hours before moving it to the cutting tables. We also check it on the cutting table. If it does not pass our fabric checking four points system, then we will check 100 percent. We take fabric checking very seriously because with faulty fabric we lose time and money.

There are three categories of defects: linear defects like “streak” across fabric, circular defect like a hole in the fabric and finally, color defects. The four points refers to four degrees of defects within each category. To explain, I will use the example of linear defects. If the streak is less than 3 inches then the defect gets 1 point. If the streak is 3 to 6 inches long then it gets 2 points. If the streak is 6 to 9 inches then it gets 3 point. If the streak is greater than 9 inches then it gets 4 points. We count the defect points per 100 square yards and if the total is less than 30 points then fabric passes as ok. This is the essence of our fabric checking four points system.
When we first started producing garments we bought all of our fabric from China. In 2008 our customers asked us to produce fabric in Vietnam. Since then we have learned to be a reliable Jersey fabric checking in Vietnam company by partnering with small local knitting and dyeing factories who offer us good quality at fair prices. When problems occur we work with them in our language and our culture to solve problems quickly and cost effectively. This is opposed to working with Taiwanese, Korean or Chinese fabric producers.

If you're interested in jersey fabric in Vietnam, you can contact us via [email protected]

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Please note that Thai Son only produces garments with knit fabric (cut-knit) and I am comfortable to go with orders of 1,000 pieces per style.
Most of the apparel industry prefer Four Point rating system for determining fabric quality and it is certified by the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) as well as the American Apparel Manufacturers (AAMA).
The 4-Point System assigns 1, 2, 3 and 4 penalty points according to the size, quality and significance of the defect. No more than 4 penalty points is assigned for any single defect. Defect can be measured either length or width direction, the system remains the same. Only major defects are considered. No penalty points are assigned to minor defects.
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