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Frequently Asked Questions About Apparel Manufacturers in Vietnam

Apparel Manufacturers in Vietnam

Apparel manufacturers in Vietnam are divided into various groups. First grouping is CM only vs. FOB. CM just provide labor to sew garments together. CM factories do not have the expertise to source fabric and buy trim and accessories at competitive prices not to mention manage all the communications between factory and suppliers. FOB apparel manufacturers in Vietnam source fabric, trim, accessories as well sew the garment together.

The next grouping is by fabric type. 99% of factories are either woven or knit factories. We only sew garments made with circular knit fabric like jersey, interlock, pique or french terry. Note that there are two groups of knit factories. Circular knit (light weight knits - aka cut and sew) vs sweater knit or flat knit factories.

Finally, apparel manufacturers are grouped by type of garments. Some are strong in cheap basics, some are good at high quality low quantity fashion styles, and some are good at sports wear or outerwear. The conclusion is that before you start sourcing apparel manufacturers in Vietnam you need to know what kind of factory you are looking for. Then more detailed questions as I address in the FAQ above can be considered.
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How should we start? Are you ready to get a price quote?

I will review your email if I can meet your needs. It's the best if you can provide tech packs and other information to quote price. Or, you can provide me your website and more information for me to understand your need.

Please note that Thai Son only produces garments with knit fabric (cut-knit) and I am comfortable to go with orders of 1,000 pieces per style.

Latest News: Vietnam Garment Manufacturers with EVFTA

For the past 30 years of developing & surviving, Thai Son S.P – a family owned Vietnam Garment Manufacturer is proud be ourselves today. Since CPTPP activated, we’re one of those very 1st one that get the CO from CPTPP which you could found in your Profile.

EVFTA requires the rules of origin from fabrics is what we used to do many times before and / of course your treatment from EVFTA will be guranteed when work with us.

Our regular MOQ is 1,000 pieces per style and we can be flexible about this because ordered quantity has to depend on the requirements of your business as well as the MOQ of yarn and fabric production. We can handle everything from fabric to packaging and quote you price in FOB, CIF or DDP terms. Thai Son S.P is always considered as the reliable sewing factory in Vietnam by our customers.

We’ll be available at your convenience. Contact Us for more insights

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