Apparel manufacturers in Vietnam are divided into groups.

Group 1 is CM or FOB apparel manufacturers

Group 2 is Knit or Woven fabric apparel manufacturers

Group 3 is Category of Garments apparel manufacturers

Which type of apparel manufacturer are you looking for?

Thai Son S.P apparel manufacturer (owner of this website) offers FOB apparel manufacturing and we only work with knit fabric. The category of garment we are best at producing is women's jersey tops and sportswear.

If you need something different then contact us for help and our marketing department may be able to introduce you to apparel manufacturers in Vietnam.

Apparel Manufacturers in Vietnam CM or FOB

First grouping is CM or FOB. What is CM and FOB?

CM stands for cut and make. These factories just provide labor to sew garments together. CM factories do not have the expertise to source fabric, trim and accessories at competitive prices not to mention manage all the communications between factory and suppliers. They are only responsible for the labour that goes into making a garment.

FOB stands for Free on Board. It means that the factory purchases all the fabric, trim and accessories then sews the garment together. The FOB apparel manufacturers in Vietnam are responsible for everything up to the point that the goods are free on board.
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Apparel Manufacturers in Vietnam by Fabric

The next grouping is by fabric type. There are two basic types of fabric. There is woven fabric and there is knit fabric. Apparel manufacturers in Vietnam are either working with knit or woven fabric but not both. 1% of factories can produce garments using both woven and knit fabric. One example is

For example, Thai Son S.P apparel manufacturer in Vietnam only sews garments made with circular knit fabric like jersey, interlock, pique or french terry.

Note that there are three groups of knit factories. The first is circular knit (light weight knits - aka cut and sew). The second is sweater knit or flat knit factories. And the third is warp knit. Swimwear apparel manufacturers in Vietnam are factories that specialise in warp knit fabric garments.
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Apparel Manufacturers in Vietnam by Garment Category

Finally, apparel manufacturers are grouped by type of garments they specialise in. A ski jacket factory is very different than a t-shirt factory. Sewers tend to be specialised in particular garment styles. A sewing sewing board shorts would struggle sewing a cut and sew knit women's fashion top. The fabric handles differently under the machines. The variation of stitches is too much for one sewer to be able to do all of them well.

Some apparel manufacturers in Vietnam are strong in cheap basics while some are good at high quality complicated fashion styles like blazers or wedding dresses. Some apparel manufacturers in Vietnam are good at sports wear or outerwear.

Before you start sourcing apparel manufacturers in Vietnam you need to know what kind of factory you are looking for. Are you looking for CM or FOB? Does the factory need experience with knit or woven and what category do they need to be competent with?
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