What is the EVFTA?

The news that EVFTA was approved made us so excited because it can could boost Vietnam garment industry in general. We are a full-package cut & sew knitwear manufacturer and we know the apparel rules of origin for EVFTA. Work with us and benefit since our products are qualified for the import tax/duty reduction because we produce fabric as well as sew your garments. What are the EVFTA rules of origin?
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Reliable Garment Supplier in Vietnam Knows the Apparel Rules of Origin for EVFTA.

We pride ourselves in being a reliable cut & sew knitwear Supplier in Vietnam who can provide you garments with both imported fabrics and our own fabric. Generally speaking, most cut & sew knitwear factories in Vietnam buy their fabric from China. Thai Son has a choice to produce the fabric in Vietnam by itself (if price is cheaper than buying from China) or to buy from China.

We know the apparel rules of origin for EVFTA and we will help you qualify using the following yarns:

We buy yarns in advance and stock them in Vietnam. We buy
  1. Combed Cotton (20/1, 26/1, 30/1, 32/1, 40/1, 50/1)
  2. Viscose/Rayon
  3. Polyester Rayon (TR)
  4. Modal
  5. Cotton Modal
  6. Polyester
  7. 60% BCI cotton 40% Recycled Polyester
  8. 60% Cotton 40% Recycled Polyester
  9. 60% Cotton 40% Unifi Repreve Polyester
  10. 48% Organic Cotton 40% Recycled Polyester 12% Recycled Cotton
  11. 51% Recycled Polyester 49% Acrylic
  12. 52% Recycled Polyester 34% Acrylic 10% Nylon 4% Spandex
  13. 84% Recycled Polyester 16% Linen
  14. 96% Recycled Polyester 4% Wool
  15. … and spandex.

We also buy specialty yarns from Korea, Thailand, India, Pakistan. Mostly, the yarns we buy are O-EKOTEX certified. Our knitting partners can knit a lot circular knit structures and we will make sure you follow the apparel rules of origin for EVFTA. Single jersey, interlock, pique, french terry, rib, waffle and jacquard are knitting structures that can meet the apparel rules of origin for EVFTA. Our dyeing facility is rather small but managed well. We use certified dyestuff and keep our fabric O-EKOTEX certified. Functions done during finishing are also an option such as Wicking, Antimicrobial treatment, UV sun protection 50+, Antistatic treatment, Adaptive, Waterproof. Producing 50 tons of O-EKOTEX circular knit fabric monthly, we are now serving our internal cut & sew knit need. At this time we only produce fabrics for our customers who buy full-packaged garments from us. Contact us for more information how to qualify for the apparel rules of origin for EVFTA.
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What are the rules of origin for apparel?

The European Vietnam free trade agreement has strict rules of origin for garments which specifies that only fabrics produced in Vietnam, the EU and South Korea (which also has a free trade agreement with the EU) can have preferential access to the EU market. In this way, the agreement will not allow products originating in China to enter the EU market via Vietnam. This is the basic apparel rules of origin for the EVFTA.
EVFTA activated in Vietnam

Face Mask Production in Vietnam

Since the covid-19 pandemic broke out, our cloth face mask factory in Vietnam started learning about cloth face mask design and technology. We have produced over 500,000 cloth face masks in Vietnam since March 2020. We are standing by to receive your order of cloth face masks made in Vietnam.

My name is Sim. I am the Vice Director at Thai Son S.P Ltd., Co. We have 31 years of experience as a cut and sew knit-wear factory in Vietnam. Since Chinese New Year we might as well call ourselves a cloth face mask factory in Vietnam that can also produce ladies fashion and sportswear using circular knitted fabrics.
The question is “Will the Covid-19 pandemic effect the activation date of EVFTA?”

We’ve been thinking about this question as many Vietnam garment manufacturers are. As the EU already gave the notification to Vietnam in April, the EVFTA sailed through the Vietnamese National Assembly on June 8 with the support of all lawmakers present at the plenum. Vietnam’s coming announcement will also set the date for the EVFTA to take effect for both sides, August 1 as expected. This date came and went and the game is on. Knowing the apparel rules of origin for EVFTA is even more important now.

Since the financial crisis on 2008, the covid-19 pandemic is considered the deepest and the most serious crisis that dragged the world economy down and Vietnam garment manufacturers are feeling the pain. We hope the EVFTA will generate some business and we are ready to support you by explaining the apparel rules of origin for the EVFTA for you.
Cheap Cotton Cloth Face Mask
The impact of the covid-19 situation in Vietnam is undeniable. The whole garments industry in Vietnam is suffering. We used to produce 50 tons of knit-fabric monthly for our internal garment cut & sew needs. Now the amount has gone down to less than 15% during the pandemic. We look to the EVFTA to give us hope.

EVFTA (EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement) will help reduce the import tariff to EU countries tremendously which will strongly boost the economy after the pandemic calms down. The benefits to Vietnam garment manufacturers are similar to the EAV and CPTPP which we also can help you with. Ask us about the apparel rules of origin for EVFTA or FTAs in general.

For the apparel rules of origin for EVFTA, the terms and the schedule of the EVFTA, please visit Trade Europa website to download.

I would like to recommend you to read page 166 for General provisions and page 464 for:


We are a manufacturer producing both fabric and garments. We have an experienced logistic department to prepare paperwork. We are the first garment factory in southern Vietnam getting CO EAV and the 3rd getting CO CPTPP which has rules of origin set at yarn-forward required.

We can handle everything from fabric to packaging and quote you price in FOB, CIF or DDP terms. Our customers consider Thai Son S.P as their reliable/trusted manufacturer in Vietnam that knows the apparel rules of origin for EVFTA.

If you are interested in getting more information about EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement EVFTA, please kindly contact us.

Latest News: EVFTA – New Chapter and its Upcoming Challenges

As acknowledged EVFTA will create the best changes for Vietnam Garment Industry, all the import duties will become 0% after 7 years & 77% immediately of Garments will become 0% once the agreement’s effected.

Vietnam Garment Industry is now shortaged of supply and have to meet the rules of origin in this free trade agreement. Especially for the EU – the biggest market for Vietnam Garments Industry, therefore, it’s really important that manufacturers must meet the rules of origin from fabrics and if the rules are not guaranteed, the products are not preferential.

About 90% of the materials in Vietnam are being imported from other sources that not belong to the FTA, therefore it’s an obstacle preventing Vietnam Garment Industry to obtain the treatment in the EVFTA.

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