Hi, my name is Sim and I am in charge at Thai Son S.P garment factory based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. We source many kinds of fabrics to our clients and then sew them in our factories for export.

Botanic dyed organic cotton fabric in Vietnam fabric is one of the fabrics we created in 2020 and our clients are happy with the hand-feel and colorfastness. We are happy to support sustainable textile manufacturing and welcome your requests. Read more about Botanic dyed organic cotton fabric in Vietnam below.

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Botanic dyed organic cotton fabric in Vietnam
Botanic dyed organic cotton fabric in Vietnam is our latest fabric that we added to our menu. We started producing our own textiles in 2008. We buy yarn and then work with local knitting and dyeing houses near Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam. We specialise in jersey knit fabrics ranging from single jersey to complicated jacquard knitting structures. We can dye solid Pantone colors or do engineered yarn dyed stripes. Our fabric team is standing by to produce botanic dyed organic cotton fabric in Vietnam and sew the panels into garments for you.

Botanic Dyed Organic Cotton Fabric Made in Vietnam

Sustainable Garments – Organic Cotton and Botanic Dye
I started buying Melange and Organic Cotton Yarn from India to produce fabric serving for the company’s internal need for knitted fabric.

Thanks to the wave of opening yarn and textile mills preparing for TPP’s yarn-forward rules, there are more choices locally. One of the choices is Bros Vietnam.

I was excited when Bros team showed my team and me their new catalogue of Botanic Dyed Melange Yarn at the end of 2019. Below is the catalogue and information botanic dyed organic cotton fabric in Vietnam.
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“Grass and wood dyeing” is also known as botanic dyeing. Natural dyestuffs are extracting from flowers, plants, shells, fruits and leaves. They are safe dyestuffs, skin friendly, natural coloring, fragrant and soft. Do you need botanic dyed organic cotton fabric in Vietnam? We can do it.

At present, BROS selects a series of plant dyes made from waste materials such as chestnut shell, mulberry, Indigowoad Leaf and etc. Bros focuses to combine the “Eco” and “Natural” together, so the botanic dyed heather also applicable in organic cotton. Bros researched and developed a stable dyeing method to make the botanic dyestuff been absorbed in the fiber evenly, so the colors are the same as our normal heather, but have the Eco and Natural value.

Botanic dyestuffs are with the natural color tone, natural fragrance, this unique characters are favored by the consumer all over the world. Most Botanic dyestuffs have medicinal effect, such as anti-bacterium, reducing inflammation, improving the blood flow, and make the life safer and healthier.

Nowadays, Eco-friendly, Go Green has become a hot topic and important for a social life, more and more strict policy is announced as to protect the environment. Botanic dyed heather is the best choice for baby’s wear, underwear, pajamas and other intimate clothing.

Go Green with botanic dyed yarns also has its price. Here are things to consider when sourcing botanic dyed organic cotton fabric in Vietnam that Bros brought to our attention.

Points for Attention:

1. Mild washing conditions should be adopted when washing. Because the color fastness of botanic dyes is relatively poor, some of them will be color changing when exposed to high temperature, acid, alkali, oxidant, reducing agent, bleaching agent, metal ions, etc., it is recommended to use softening deionized water when washing, temperature neutral detergent and appropriate amount of softener. Wash separately from other darker colors to avoid color staining.
2. Our technical data sheet is based on the data of fastness testing under basic. Washing conditions. It is only for reference and does not constitute the basis for disputes in bulk ordering. At present, The color difference is relatively larger than normal.
3. If customers need to buy organic cotton mélange yarn, please bring up specially when inquiring price.
4. The botanic dyes have strong seasonality, and the stock is not always available, so it is necessary to communicate with the salesman in advance.
5. Five pieces of botanic dyes have been applied and more will be introduced in the future.
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