Since the Corona pandemic broke out, our sewing factory started making clear transparent face mask made in Vietnam. We have produced over 500,000 cloth face masks in Vietnam since March 2020. Before Covid we were making activewear but times have changed. We are standing by to receive your order of clear transparent face mask made in Vietnam.

My name is Sim. I am the Vice Director at Thai Son S.P Ltd., Co. We have 31 years of experience as a jersey knit factory in Vietnam. We are very versatile and quick to develop new designs for you. As soon as our customers asked for a clear transparent face mask made in Vietnam, our design team got busy researching how to sew plastic together with thick jersey cotton and polyester mesh fabric.
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If a clear transparent face mask made in Vietnam can not be shipped then it can not be sold. Included in our sewing services is folding and packing of your clear transparent face mask made in Vietnam. Thai Son is a women dress maker in Vietnam first and other trending items second, like smiling face coverings.

We have been in business for +20 years making men’s women’s and children’s garments using T-shirt fabric. That means that we don't work with woven fabrics. We don’t make blazers or dress shirts.

One of the most important steps during the garment production process is packing and folding. The garments need to travel to your warehouse without getting dirty or wet and the presentation needs to be preserved. The plastic used in our clear transparent face mask made in Vietnam has to folded and packet so that the plastic does not crease. We pay special attention to the way we stack the smiling face masks in your boxes. We want the goods to arrive in sellable condition.

If we can make a dress we can make a face mask

When we say that we are a women dress maker in Vietnam we mean that we produce dresses using circular knit fabric like jersey, interlock, pique and rib; not woven fabric. Thai Son stills cuts fabric by hand because it is not cost effective to buy expensive automatic cutting machines. We pack and fold by hand as well and have an in-house QC system to ensure it is done to your AQL standard.

After final QC and ironing, all the garments are joined with the hang- tags. Then they are moved to the garment folding and packing area where the garments are folded and put in poly bags. Then workers will put them in carbon box. The is how we manage garment folding and packing at women dress maker in Vietnam.

The same will apply for your clear transparent face mask made in Vietnam. We take care of design, development, production, packing and shipping. Send us your tech packs for clear transparent face mask made in Vietnam and we will quote you a price and make you a sample for approval.
Pencil Dress Made With Ponte Roma Fabric
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