Since the covid-19 pandemic broke out, our cloth face mask factory in Vietnam started learning about cloth face mask design and technology. We have produced over 1,000,000 cloth face masks in Vietnam since March 2020. We are standing by to receive your order of cloth face masks made in Vietnam.

My name is Sim. I am the Vice Director at Thai Son S.P Ltd., Co. We have 31 years of experience as a cut and sew knit-wear factory in Vietnam. Since Chinese New Year we might as well call ourselves a cloth face mask factory in Vietnam that can also produce ladies fashion and sportswear using circular knitted fabrics.
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Cotton Flu Mask from Vietnam
We are producing plain flu face masks to many countries like USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. Our cloth face mask factory in Vietnam is getting a lot of custom sublimation printed flu masks inquiries. We are using both cotton and polyester fibre.

If you are looking for an easy to work with cloth face mask factory in Vietnam that can make flu masks with your company logo or image then we can do it.

We are a Vietnamese garment manufacturer with vertical solution from knitting, printing, labelling, cutting, sewing, packing and shipping from our factory in Vietnam to your door.

Our made in Vietnam cloth face masks come in a variety of styles and colors. We can provide you full service including LDP shipping. Send us your logos, images, labels and order quantity. We will guide you through the rest of the decision making process. Please contact me if you are looking for cloth face masks made in Vietnam. We will send you our catalog.
3 Pleat Flu Face Masks Made in Viet nam
Water Repellent Face Masks
Our Strengths
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Our cloth face mask factory in Vietnam offers many different styles of personal cloth face masks with the following options: cutting patterns including 3D masks with center seam, one-dart, 2-dart or 3 pleats masks. We offer high quality breathable fabric with different compositions from 100% Cotton, 57%/38%/5% Cotton/Polyester/Spandex or 100% polyester with the following functions: anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, water-repellent, temperature and moisture management. We offer the following number of layers: 3 layers, 2 layers and 1 layer. We offer ear loops from self-fabric, elastic bands or adjusters. Would you like adjusters on elastic ear loops? The the masks fit every face size.

For the masks’ close-up photos, please visit

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Sublimated Corona Face Mask
Anti bacterial face masks made in Vietnam

We produce our own fabric.

We knit approximately 50 tons of jersey fabric each month using Vietnamese local knitters and dyers. This makes it easier for us to qualify for rules of origin to offer tariff reductions for our European customers and members of CTTPP member nations.

Are you searching for a cloth face mask factory in Vietnam? Do you need cloth masks with anti-bacterial, water repellent, anti-UV fabric for comfortable personal-use? We can help you. The first step is to send us your design and order quantity.
Branded Cloth Face Masks
Cloth Face Mask Factory in Vietnam

Below is a picture of our TS1B Model

Here are the specs. All the fabrics and polypropylene are made in Vietnam:

Option 1
Outer Layer (layer 1): Knit fabric: Bird-eye mesh 100%Polyester with anti-UV, water-repellent
Middle Layer (layer 2): Polypropylene with anti-bacterial application of 25gsm or 40gsm.
Inner Layer (layer 3): Single Jersey 100%Cotton with anti-bacterial application

Option 2
Outer Layer (layer 1) of Bird-eye mesh 100% Polyester has water repellent function which enhances the mask from “non absorbent material” as WHO’s guidance.
Our Layer (layer 2) of Polypropylene can filter and also has anti-bacterial function.
Our Layer (layer 3) of Single jersey 100% Cotton has anti-bacterial function. Cotton can help absorbing moisture and help lowering the skin’s temperature as the wearer feels the heat from your breath.

We can quote you per WHO guidelines. We can also offer enhanced functions like anti-microbial or anti-bacterial applications.

Chemical Additive Suppliers

We have access to safe chemical suppliers in Vietnam and worldwide. Our two best chemical suppliers, HeiQ and Vimin, introduced anti-microbial finishing chemicals. HeiQ: HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 offers strong Antiviral and Antibacterial solutions. Vimin, who has mills in Vietnam, offers SILVADUR 930 FLEX Antimicrobial solutions for high-antimicrobial functionality. They can control microbial derived odor and they can absorb select odors to provide durable freshness protection. Both HeiQ England and Vimin Vietnam provided fantastic technical support to our cloth face mask factory in Vietnam dye-house on how to apply their anti-microbial chemicals to the fabric.

Masks treated with HeiQ agents with intelligent Swiss textile technology are an option for made in Vietnam flu antimicrobial masks. With HeiQ Viroblock, HeiQ Eco Dry and HeiQ Smart Temp, the masks we manufacture in our cloth face mask factory in Vietnam could protect you from microbes and germs based on recycled silver salt.


Printing Options

Our cloth face mask factory in Vietnam produces printed cloth face masks with custom logos, labels, images for different airlines, museums, schools, medical clinics, magazines, bureaus, different companies from water companies, construction companies.
Monogrammed Cloth Face Masks

Basic Plain Cloth Face Masks

Cheap Cotton Cloth Face Mask

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