In an era where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of global concerns, the textile industry is witnessing a significant shift towards sustainable practices. Among the rising stars in eco-friendly fabrics, Ecovero fabric stands out as a pioneering force, gaining attention not only for its aesthetic appeal but, more importantly, for its positive impact on the environment. As one delves into the world of textiles, the search for sustainability leads to Ecovero, a game-changer in the fashion and textile landscape.
In the heart of Southeast Asia's vibrant textile industry, Vietnam is carving a niche for itself as a hub for sustainable fashion production. Among the various eco-friendly materials making waves in Vietnamese sewing factories, Ecovero fabric stands out as a revolutionary force, reshaping the narrative of the country's garment manufacturing landscape. As consumers worldwide become increasingly conscientious about the environmental impact of their clothing, the integration of Ecovero fabric into Thai Son sewing factory in Vietnam represents a significant step towards sustainability.

Ecovero Fabric: A Sustainable Elegance

Ecovero fabric, a form of viscose derived from responsibly sourced wood pulp, has gained traction globally for its sustainable and eco-friendly attributes. Thai Son Vietnam sewing factory are embracing this revolutionary material for its versatility and minimal environmental impact. Unlike traditional textiles, the closed-loop production process of Ecovero ensures that water and chemicals are recycled, waste is minimized, and emissions are reduced—a crucial consideration for the world’s rapidly evolving fashion industry.

Ecovero: Take less, Give more
Sustainable Sourcing: Derived from sustainable wood and pulp from certified and controlled sources, can be supplied as FSC or PEFC certified.
Eco-Responsible Production: up to 50% lower CO2 emissions, reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.
Water Impact Reduction: up to 50% less water impact, contributing to environmental protection.
EU Eco-Label: Awarded for environmental excellence across the entire lifecycle—from raw materials to disposal.
Canopy's Hot Button Ranking: Industry-leading score and a "dark green shirt" for wood and pulp sourcing practices, supporting the protection of Ancient and Endangered Forests.
Give more:
Global Trademark Protection: Covering over 189 countries, validated marketing claims ensuring credibility.
Consumer Recognition: Well-regarded as a sustainable fiber brand, building trust among environmentally conscious consumers.
Supply Chain Transparency: Empowered by Lenzing’s unique fiber identification system, ensuring traceability of fibers used in textile end products.
Brand Licensing Service: Certification & Licensing and hang tags available, facilitating seamless integration into sustainable fashion lines.
Thai Son Vietnam garment factory and Ecovero—Pioneering Sustainable Fashion in Vietnam
As more and more fashion brands searching for sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics and clothing, Thai Son sewing factory in Vietnam knows it becomes clear that a sustainable revolution is underway. Ecovero fabric, with its ethical and environmental credentials, is playing a pivotal role in reshaping the industry's landscape. Through the integration of sustainable practices at Thai Son Vietnam sewing factory, the synergy of Ecovero fabric and Vietnamese manufacturing is not just about fashion; it's a commitment to a greener, more responsible future for the textile industry.
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Factory Details

Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd. is a cotton knit fabric supplier in Vietnam that sews your garments in their factory. We produce fabric and sew it into garments for you. We are highly specialised in producing garments from circular knitted fabric for many kinds of men and women garments. In addition to being a cotton knit fabric supplier in Vietnam we make t-shirts with various kinds of prints, polo-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, fashionable styles, kids wear, and sportswear. We are proud to be one of the few family-owned garment suppliers who have been surviving and developing beyond just a cotton knit fabric supplier in Vietnam.

Currently, we have two production facilities , in District 9- Ho Chi Minh City in Sung Nhon, Binh Thuan Province.

Our Past and Present Customers
US-Canada: Maxstudio in Los Angeles (own stores and for brands Chelsea & Violet, Marmaxx-TJMaxx & Marshall, Nordstrom, Hautelook, Winners...);
Belldini (for Macy’s, Christopher & Banks, Dillars, Belles, Soft Surroundings, Ross...) Covenant; G-III (Calvin Klein), Kindred Bravely, Gift Craft

Russia: Sportmaster (who licenses Volkl, Merrell, Kappa, Fila, Outventure, Demix..), BaoN, Profmax,

Europe: Warehouse, Oasis, Fever

Australia: Mr. Simple, OCC (Wapol, NSW SES, Mountain Designs)

Factory Certificates
BSCI no. 335395
FAMA Disney

Quality: Our current quality standard is AQL 2.5/4.0. Our garments can meet quality standard of AQL 1.5/2.5.

MOQ: Our regular MOQ is 1,000 pieces per style.
We are flexible on MCQ and MOQ because we understand that MCQ and MOQ have to depend on the requirements of your business as well as the MOQ of yarn and fabric production.
We can make 500-1,000 pieces per style when we have your support to combine fabric together.

Lead time: from 60-110 days depend on order's quantity, design & requirements.

Capacity: equals with 250,000 pcs of t-shirts/month

Contact Us

Email Sim:

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Mailing Address
Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd.
153 Ung Van Khiem
Ward 25, Binh Thanh District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Zip Code: 700000
Tel. +84 903926973
Attn: Ms. Sim
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