Are you looking for a sewing factory in Vietnam that offers 3D Fitting Service? Global outsourcing is a common practice in the apparel industry nowadays. However, it has limitations in production and long-distance communication, Thai Son is a Vietnam sewing factory and we produce the garments rely on a tech pack, a series of documents which include all of the garment specifications such as samples, photos, flats, patterns, sizes, and measurements. We’ve been trying & putting our effort to comply with the production process listed in a tech pack but the fact shown us its difficulties in obtaining accurate measurements in the clothing fit process and to have the final sample approval, it would waste too much time since we have to transport back and forth the samples with our clients. At the beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2021, we discovered a 3D Fitting program, we’ve tried so hard to get use to it and now I am proud to say that we can provide the 3D fitting service to all of our clients, this technology is emerging as a new solution for garment fitting.

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Journey to the fit 3D

On March 28th, 2022 we have an opportunity to connect with a customer, a beginner brand, they have a vision, a taste of modern fashion, however, when we need their documents for proceeding into the next steps of the production, they've had no clues about what tech pack / spec sheet or measurement is. The only thing that they send us on their documents is just some pictures that best describe their ambition and vision. We are a trusted sewing factory in Vietnam that offer 3D fitting; we know how to make them? We know that we have to deliver the best to our clients, we named our client code as #853 since they're the 853th customer that we approach or have been approached since we first run on 1989. With our experienced & skillful merchandiser and technical departments, based on one of our long-term business partner is Australia, we created a spec sheet & measurement details for client #853's bikini collection.

Are you looking for a sewing factory that offer 3D fitting? Garment fitting is a process evaluating garments on a body to check fit, comfort, and appearance quality; through our experiences and study 3D Virtual Fitting Service from Vietnam Sewing Factory, we found out that typically 94% garments go through at least two or three times of fitting process. Fitting is repeated until the desired look is achieved.
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Anyone or anything has a taste, as a trusted sewing factory in Vietnam also has one, we have a taste of the best, the taste of the perfection for our customers. We know how the production process works, a spec sheet and measurement details would be meaningless if you don't have a sample to fit on model. Creating a spec sheet is hard, putting them into reality and fit on a model is even harder. We are a sewing factory in Vietnam that offer 3D fitting, and we're the one that understand the procedure, the fitting process would take both sides manufacturer and clients like forever since both have to work back and forth over and over again to achieve a final sample that fitted well on a model. The fit assessment would go through multiple steps from materials - design - making sample - review fitting - garment to the market. And if the review step is not as expected or fail to meets client's requirement, factory will have to do again at the sample step. Sending sample via carrier either plane, train or other means of transportation would cost quite a time and money that we understand that nor of both sides want to evolve in this type of cost. Besides, with this old process, the sample lead-time would possibly go up to 37 days, clients' time is priceless, your time is priceless, we are a sewing factory in Vietnam that offer 3D fitting and we don't want the procedure cost you such the amount of time like that.
The next day, on 29th of March, we started fitting our client's garment on 3D programs.
Our 1st 3D fit on the program was not as we expected so we refused to send this to our clients, we put more efforts to have the sample beautifully fitted on the 3D programs with 2 digital models: Curvy and Straight.
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Thai Son S.P is a sewing factory in Vietnam that knows 3D fitting. On the second redo, we fixed the small pant ribs to match the pictures on the customer's document, then have it 3D fitted again. Adjust the pattern to avoid wrinkles on the Curvy model. We are a sewing factory offers 3D fitting, we know that if we want to be master on 3D fitting we'll have to be trained to master the 3D program, that's when we was looking for a master in this field and get all the technicians to be well-trained. Since the 2nd time pattern put on program still having wrinkles, we created the 3rd patterns to adjust the front body, cut it deeper to fit on the 3D model without wrinkles. At this step, we ask the technical team to proceed making actual sample as well.
Time after time try fitting in the digital model and another several times change in patterns lead us to a succeed that our client was so happy with the outcome and we started to make final pattern and making final sample few days later.
Now, we a sewing factory in Vietnam that offer 3D fitting. Are you interested in finding a factory that experienced in 3D fitting?

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3D fitting benefits

Thai Son S.P is a sewing factory in Vietnam that offers 3D fitting, the purpose we would like to supply this service is because we understand that fitting without visualizing a sample garment is nearly impossible for both client and manufacturer to decide for the entire production. 3D virtual fitting technology has been introduced to the industry for Virtualization. 3D fitting helps eliminating redundant sample garment review processes.
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1. Develop your clothing collection efficiently & professionally. 2. Save time and cost on fitting process and finding the right proportion for each size. 3. Help viewing fitting sample on 3D model, styles of your collections, you can fit & change to finalize your perfect fitting. Errors in fit and drape can be prevented and corrected digitally via 3D virtual fit. 4. With the 3D fit method, we can help you improve the overall fit and create perfect signature sizing (numeric or alpha) for your brand. 5. Greater control in achieving the desired fit before the 2D pattern is cut and made into a physical sample. 6. Ensure correct clothing patterns, fit and sizing, tech packs, grading, efficient clothing production planning, and execution. 7. We can help you with last-minute production pattern corrections, and tech pack specifications change.

How to start with a sewing factory offers 3D fitting?

BIKINI – 3D Fitting

BODY SUIT – 3D Fitting

We are a sewing factory in Vietnam that offers 3D fitting, upon the completion of client #853 that we mentioned above, we’ve been go through some study courses and researches, we’re now better than ever using the 3D fitting program. In order to get the best set of patterns and demonstration videos, we need to:
1. Review the samples that have been made or go online to search for designs, find samples on the market for reference, and find many sources to capture customers' ideas without wasting much time.
Customers need to give a sketch of ideas, specify the requirements for the pattern maker to understand and make it faster.
3. Discuss and propose or ask customers to finalize the final idea to convert the diagram into the virtual 3D fitting in order to save time.

Are you looking for a sewing factory in Vietnam that offers 3D fittings? If yes, we are a trusted sewing factory in Vietnam for you. We offer professional services and we’ll be selectively chosen the customer to offer this service for free. For more details, please contact us at
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