Hi, my name is Sim and I am manage Thai Son S.P sewing factory based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. We manage many kinds of fabric production for our clients and then sew them in our factories for export.

Recycled cotton fabric made in Vietnam is one of the fabrics we developed in 2020 and our clients are happy with the handfeel and colorfastness. We are happy to support sustainable fabrics and welcome your inquiry. Read more about recycled cotton fabric made in Vietnam below.

Or, contact us to ask for fabric swatches and pricing.
recycled cotton fabric made in vietnam

Recycled Cotton Fabric Made in Vietnam

Recycled cotton fabric made in Vietnam is our latest fabric that we added to our menu. We started producing our own cloth in 2008. We buy yarn and then work with local knitting and dyeing experts in Binh Duong Vietnam. We specialise in jersey knit fabrics ranging from simple jersey to complicated jacquard structures. We can dye solid Pantone colours or do engineered yarn dyed stripes. Our fabric team is standing by to produce recycled cotton fabric made in Vietnam.

Then, another interest development came when my company resumed working after Tet at the beginning of February 2020. A customer in the US emailing me to look for a factory that produces 100% recycled cotton T-shirts using organic or botanic dyes. His quantity is less than the MOQ of Bros. Challenged by his suggestion of “We will dye the fabrics ourselves in the US unless you recommend a dye house that does botanical washes”. This is how we got into recycled cotton fabric made in Vietnam.

And here it comes, on February 19, 2020, I have a few garments with botanic dye by cooperating with the local wash house. We tried Blue Pea Flowers and Gardenia for botanic dye on the garments as in the below picture. This can help the customers who would like to buy botanic dye garments and can’t meet the MOQ of botanic dyed melange yarns.

Recycled cotton: Recycled cotton’s fiber is obtained by purchasing the remaining fabric cut by the fabric factory or garments manufacturer and then spun. Recycled cotton fabric made in Vietnam can achieve the purpose of waste reuse.

Face Masks Using Eco Fabrics

We can provide face masks using recycled cotton fabric made in Vietnam.

Cutting patterns including 3D masks with center seam, with one-dart, 2-darts or 3 pleat masks.
- High quality breathable fabric with different compositions from 100% Cotton, 57% Cotton 38% Polyester 5% Spandex, 100% Polyester
- Functions from anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, water-repellent, temperature and moisture management….
- Number of layers: 3 layers, 2 layers and 1 layer
- Ear loops from self-fabric, elastic bands, adjuster. With adjusters on elastic ear loops, the masks are fit to almost every face size.

We can ship your custom printed masks from Vietnam within 7-14 days after you order.

The general public should wear non-medical masks where there is widespread transmission and when physical distancing is difficult, such as on public transport, in shops or in other confined or crowded environments.

Additionally, the WHO has released new guidance on cloth face masks, recommending that the cloth face masks consist of at least three layers of different materials:

- an outer layer, which is a non absorbent material such as a polyester or a polyester blend,
- a middle layer of non-woven materials such as polypropylene (for the filter) and
- an inner layer being an absorbent material like cotton
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