Hi, my name is Sim and I own and manage a sewing factory in Vietnam. How are you doing during these difficult times? I try my best every day to think of innovative ways to offer our customers something new. Today I'd like to introduce you to our reversible garments designs. We would like to inspire your design team to explore reversible fashion. Our technical team has experience with reversible seaming techniques and our fabric team can source interesting combinations of fabric that complement each other but are distinctly different. We offer 2 in 1 sewing competency.

Are you looking for a reversible clothing factory in Vietnam. We are a garment manufacturer in Ho Chi minh city that has experience making reversible garments. Send us your illustrations or tech packs and we will give you technical feedback. If we can produce your reversible design with a competitive price then we would like to be your #1 reversible clothing factory in Vietnam.
Thai Ha Phuong

Reversible Spandex Shorts

reversible spandex shorts

Reversible Tank Tops

reversible tank tops

Reversible Leggings

reversible leggings

Reversible Dresses

reversible dresses

Reversible Face Masks

reversible face masks made in vietnam

Reversible Leggings

reversible yoga pants

Reversible Knit Cardigans

reversible ladies cardigans

Reversible Hoodies

reversible hoodies

Reversible Fashion T-shirts

reversible tees

Reversible Fashion for Women Everyday Wear

A reversible garment is a garment that can be worn two ways. Inside out or outside in are both options. Common reversible garments include hats, jackets, vests, sweaters, shirts, trousers, and skirts. Ancient shepherds used to have reversible garments with a warm side that they would wear when the weather was cold, and a cool side when the weather was hot. Reversible clothing is not new and periodically on trend. This year we have seen an increase in requests for reversible garments made in Vietnam. We are a reversible clothing factory in Vietnam that can offer FOB pricing.
Reversible Apparel Made in Asia
Our Strengths
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Reversible Fashion and Sport Garments

We specialize in reversible dresses and tops made with jersey fabric. We can make fashionable reversible garments or sportswear reversible garments. We offer two options for reversible garments made in Vietnam. Our reversible clothing factory in Vietnam can make double layers with two different fabrics or we can make one layer where two sides of fabric look different.

For double layers you can choose different kinds of jersey fabric like cotton/poly single jersey on one side with viscose spandex jacquard on the other. Each fabric can be dyed to different Pantone colors or either side can be printed or embroidered. The most important requirement is that they have a similar weight and stiffness. In some cases the thread will be seen. In this case, the color of the thread should match both fabric colors. We are a reversible clothing factory in Vietnam that enjoys technical challenges.
Reversible Sportswear From Viet Nam

Double Faced Jersey and Interlock Fabric

For single layered fabric with two different faces the fabric construction is more technical. The most common is double face jersey. Some circular knitting machines have the technology to knit a fabric with multiple yarns and two distinctly different faces. Thai Son reversible clothing factory in Vietnam can source double jersey both in Vietnam and China.

One unique aspect of reversible garments is that there are no tags or labels. The care tags and branding labels are either printed or heat sealed in inconspicuous places like behind the neck, near the bottom hem or under the arm.

The advantage of reversible garments is that when traveling you can pack less because you can wear one garment twice and have a different look each time. We are a reversible clothing factory in Vietnam that supports smart travelling.

Reversible Fashion Garments in Vietnam

Sustainable Versatility

Another advantage from an environmental point of view is that one garment can last twice as long because it can be worn as two different garments.

If your aim is to keep a small closet without getting bored then aim for versatility in every piece. Reversible garments offer versatility in your collection. Just imagine if all your garments were reversible; you’d have double the wardrobe in the same amount of space. More room for shoes!
Reversible Fabric Seams Closeup

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