What is rib knit, and how is it different from ribbing fabric? Ribbing fabric and rib knits are two different kinds of clothing materials. Rib knits are designed to create whole garments, not only for cuffs, waistbands, and neckbands (though, as mentioned, this is intended for these purposes as well). On the other hand, ribbing fabric is a substrate (a tight type of rib knit) that is explicitly made for cuffs, waistbands, and neckbands. It is usually a hundred percent cotton. Therefore, it is not suitable to be made as a whole garment because of its stiffness.

Thai Son – Vietnam Cut&Sew Knitwear Factory makes whole garments using this fabric since it has an incredibly soft feel and crosswise stretch. You can create clothes, such as camisoles, tank tops, cardigans, and more. Moreover, in different rib knits are available (e.g., 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, or 6x6).


  • Denser than Jersey
  • Compared to Jersey and Interlock fabric, rib knit is very stretchy (1 x 1 rib pattern is more stretchable than 2 x 2)
  • Both sides of the cloth are almost identical
  • Not very smooth compared to a Jersey knit
  • Edges do not curl up even when pulled
When you see a fabric named 2 x 2, it means that alternately two stitches knits and two purls are combined to create the ribs. Moreover, ribs can have a 1 x 1 sequence, which means that alternately one stitch of knit and one purl stitch are combined. As a result, the rib knit will be tighter compared to the 2 x 2 pattern.
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As a leading apparel factory in Vietnam, we offer many other rib knit patterns include 3 x 3, 3 x 2, 4 x 1 or 8 x 5. Remember that the beginning number points to the knitted rows and the second one points to the purled rows. A typical rib knit aligns to the hem and makes a stretchy fabric with excellent recovery. Fitted designs are perfect for rib knit fabric because they fit the body without stretching or curling.
Rib knit material is generally made of rayon fibers or cotton, or a combination. Note that compared to cotton material, rayon knit fabric has better recovery. Also, they are very soft.

Rib Knitted Apparel Factory in Vietnam

Rib, which has such fine touches that human eye and hand labor is not possible, is obtained by special machines. It is one of the fabric types obtained by steel machines, especially in terms of sewing method and loop sensitivity.
Rib usage is widespread throughout the world. As a leading apparel factory in Vietnam, the cost we offer is one of the materials with a lower budget than other fabric types.
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