Did you know that the EU is the second largest export market after the Vietnamese garment industry? The EVFTA activation is a win-win game for both Vietnam and EU even though European production may decline. Is there a sewing factory in Vietnam that is duty free for Europe. Yes, there are many. We are one of them. In fact it depends on what garments you ask us to produce. Do you need a sewing factory in Vietnam that is duty free for Europe? The first question you must ask is, "can they provide you a GSP form A?" Is that vietnam sewing factory experienced with the paperwork required to qualify for duty free for Europe. As a sewing factory in Vietnam that is duty free for Europe, we know that EVFTA will require the manufacturers to meet the rules of origin which is fabric forward. If the rules are not met, the products are not preferential. As a sewing factory in Vietnam that is duty free for Europe, Thai Son S.P can ensure our clients that they can fully obtain the treatment from the EVFTA. Consular transaction are no longer needed under the EVFTA while consular authentication will not be required three years after the FTA is in effect.
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How to check the sewing factory in Vietnam that is duty free for Europe? Start by visiting our office and working closely with our staff. Thai Son S.P is a sewing factory in Vietnam who has an experienced logistic department to prepare the free trade agreement documents. Our in-house import customs duty experts will show you how we do it if you ask. We are the first apparel factory in the south of Vietnam to get CO EAV and the 3rd getting CO CPT PP which is yarn-forward. We can ensure that you will be duty free for Europe market.

EVFTA (EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement) will help reducing the import tariff to EU countries tremendously which will boost many economies after the pandemic. The benefits to Thai Son S.P and to Vietnam garment manufacturers are similar to the EAV and CPTPP. For the terms and schedule, please visit http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/press/index.cfm?id=1437 . Read page 166 for the General Provision and page 464 for Article of Apparel and Clothing Accessories, Knitted or Crocheted.

Being a sewing factory in vietnam that is duty free for Europe producing both fabric and garments makes us a great partner. Our experienced logistic department takes care of the paperwork. We are the first garment producer in southern Vietnam to obtain CO EAV and the 3rd to get the CO CPTPP which has yarn-forward rules of origin.
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Because of the financial crisis of 2008, the covid-19 pandemic is considered as the deepest and the most serious crisis that dragged the world economy down and Vietnam garment manufacturers are suffering too. The impact of the covid-19 situation in Vietnam nearly decreased total production by half overnight. We used to produce 50 tons of knit-fabric monthly for our internal garment cut & sew needs. It went down to less 15% during the pandemic. Since the news stated that EVFTA will be activated starting on August 1st 2020, it gives us hope that this EVFTA will be a boost for both Vietnam exporters and European importers.

For B5 products that activat this August 2020, EVFTA will take effect as the 1st year of the agreement. The garment products that are 12% base rate will become 10% instantly. However, with the GSP form A, there are some products already reduced to 9.6% duty. It is hard to clarify which option is the best for Europe. That is why you have to have a Sewing factory in Vietnam that is duty free for Europe so they can support you to distinguish the differences.

We are Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd. a family owned business that has been manufacturing garments for almost 30 years. Starting as a woven CMT factory in 1989, we switched ourselves from woven to cut and sew knitted garments (cut-knit or jersey) in 1996. 2003 marked our first full-packaged order. In 2011, we produced our first fabric lots of Viscose Spandex serving Polish customer – LPP. If you would like to find sewing factory in Vietnam that is duty free for Europe. Please kindly contact us at kiki@lhc.vn We are available at your convenience to talk about how a sewing factory in vietnam is duty free for Europe.

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