Supima cotton stands for “superior pima”. We are a Supima cotton supplier in Vietnam. We can source the yarn and convert it into fabric for you. Then we can sew your Supima Cotton fabric into garments and get them ready for shipping.

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Understanding Supima starts with understanding Pima cotton. Pima cotton has extra-long fibers like Egyptian cotton. Extra-long fibers make super soft fabric that feel great on the body.

US Pima cotton market started as the result of the US government efforts to enable US farmers to compete against Egyptian cotton back in the 1900s. The US was the leading producer of all cotton types except Egyptian back then. Researchers brought Egyptian cotton seeds to the US and managed to sow them on a commercial scale. The name Pima comes from the Gila River Pima Indian Reservation where the researchers first cultivated Pima cotton.

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Supima Cotton Supplier in Vietnam

Supima Cotton History

Pima cotton became successful in the US and traders started labelling their cotton products as Pima cotton even though they were made from non-Pima cotton. Pima cotton farmers feared that their products would start losing value because of counterfeits, so they formed an organization called Supima® to protect their ability to market the real and genuine Pima cotton. This is how Supima cotton came to be.

We are a Supima cotton supplier in Vietnam that knows technology and history. We have gotten many inquiries for Supima cotton and found suppliers of the yarn here in Vietnam and China. The only challenge is quantity and price.
Supima Cotton sewing factory in Vietnam
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Supima Cotton Fiber Length

Supima cotton has extra-long fibers. If you pull apart a cotton blossom you will see thousands of tiny short cotton fibers. These small fibers are called staples. They are the building blocks of cotton yarn. We use the word fiber in place of staple fiber. Cotton fiber has many lengths ranging from 10 mm to 45 mm. The longer the fiber the higher the quality of the cotton. Cotton fibers with a length greater than 34 mm are considered extra-long fibers. Supima cotton fibers fall into this category. The handfeel of fabric made with Supima cotton is very fine thanks to Supima cotton’s extra-long fibers. Contact the Supima cotton supplier in Vietnam that speaks English.
Supima Cotton fabric factory in Vietnam

Where is Supima Cotton Grown?

Supima cotton is only grown in the USA. 93% is cultivated in San Joaquin Valley, California and the rest is grown in Arizona (3%), Texas (2%) and New Mexico (2%).

The Supima cotton association can trace Supima cotton bales across the entire supply chain from the fiber to the finished garment. People who buy Supima cotton apparel can be confident that they are getting the real deal when their garment is labeled "Supima” cotton.

We are a Supima cotton supplier in Vietnam that sews garments as well.
Supima Cotton fabric mill in Vietnam

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