Our factory has been working in the Vietnam garment industry for more than 20 years. We are very serious about corporate social responsibility. CSR in the Vietnam garment industry has been a big topic since the Bangladesh fire that resulted in many deaths. CSR addresses the following management topics:

1. Child Labour
2. Forced and Compulsory Labour
3. Health and Safety
4. Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining
5. Discrimination
6. Disciplinary Practices
7. Working Hours
8. Remuneration Thai Son is SA 8000 Certified and here are some things we do to be compliant.
How does Thai Son follow Child Labour laws in Vietnam?
Law in Vietnam: child labour is <= 15
We follow SA8000: only have labour >= 16

Does Thai Son forced workers to work overtime?
No, overtime is voluntary.

What is the maximum overtime a worker can work?
Max of overtime is 300hours/year

What system does Thai Son have to allow workers to complain to management?
Workers can complain directly to office manager or by letter box at private places with no supervision.

When workers break rules like smoking or being late…how does Thai Son discipline the workers to change their behavior?
They get three warnings before termination.

Safety rules that Thai Son enforces in the factory?
* All emergency exits are available at all time
* All fire distinguishers are available at all time
* All electric system inside factory must be safe. They are checked periodically by SA8000 staff
* No electricity available inside factory after stoping working.
Production Precedure and Quality Checking
How does Thai Son manage workers to increase their capacity and control quality problems? Does Thai Son pay a fixed salary or pay based on number of garments finished per day?
* Salary is base on a combination calculation of: capacity & ability. Due to capacity salary, workers try to increase by themselves.
* Quality is controlled by production managers of each group.

What are normal working hours and overtime working hours?
Normal working time is 8hours/day, more than that is overtime

What is starting salary?
160USD/month at minimum

What is average salary?

What is overtime multiplier?
* 1.5 for overtime
* 2.0 for Sunday
* 3.0 for National holiday
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How should we start? Are you ready to get a price quote?

I will review your email if I can meet your needs. It's the best if you can provide tech packs and other information to quote price. Or, you can provide me your website and more information for me to understand your need.

Please note that Thai Son only produces garments with knit fabric (cut-knit) and I am comfortable to go with orders of 1,000 pieces per style.

CSR Compliant Garment Factory in Vietnam

Thai Son S.P is proud to be a reliable CSR compliant garment factory in Vietnam. We take CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) seriously. We follow the rule of SA 8000 and BSCI. The Vietnam garment industry has a good track record for safe, fair, and legal Business operations.

In this video we show you how we are a CSR compliant garment factory in Vietnam. We have first aid kit served for workers in case they have accident. A big part of CSR is preparing the factory for fire emergency. We have water fire hygiene system, CO2 fire hygiene and powder hygiene system. Finally, all of our paperwork for wages, time-sheets, and employee records are well-kept and accessible for CSR in Vietnam garment industry inspectors.

If you have any questions, you can contact us, a CSR garment manufacturer in Vietnam, via [email protected] or visit our website www.thaisonspgarment.com.
Foreign Investment: Why do Vietnamese enterprises need to apply CSR ? Are there any regulations or standard they have to comply to export to American and EU markets ?

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Contact Information
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Thai Son S.P Co., Ltd.
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Ward 25, Binh Thanh District
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Zip Code: 700000
Tel. +84 903926973
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